The Centre for Self Managed Superannuation


The centre has been established specifically to service the needs of the growing Self Managed Superannuation market. An area of technical information through which well thought out strategy, individuals can plan better for wealth creation, retirement, and estate planning.

During the last 10 years SMSF’s have grown swiftly. The number of funds in Australia currently exceeds 425,000 with in excess of 810,000 members. The average size of a Self Managed fund today is $909,000 in funds under management.

The growth in the sector can be seen as follows:


With the expected continuation of this exponential growth, we expect that Trustee’s will continue to require a greater level of support in successfully managing the practical, the technical and the strategic issues of their Self Managed Superannuation Fund…..

………..That’s what

‘The Centre for Self Managed Super is here to do!’

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